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How should I prepare for Christmas shopping?

Christmas shopping can be one of the most stressful tasks of the year, endless queues, lots of people everywhere and limited time. For some there is the added concern that they may not be able to buy the one present their loved one most wanted because it has sold out or maybe they simply can’t afford it. Here at goHenry, we fully appreciate the dilemma that many people find themselves in and share their pain. So this got us wondering how you can best prepare for the festive season. We wanted to give some hints and tips that we feel have helped us prepare for Christmas in the past.

Christmas shopping tips

Make a list — Lists are always a great help, be it a list of the gifts you want, gifts you want to buy others, or a list that you put together with your children to send family members. We love a list here at goHenry and that’s one of the reasons why we have built in wish lists to our website, to enable children and parents to work towards a goal and also to provide insight into what children really want.

Set yourself a budget — Christmas is an exciting time of the year, but it is not worth getting yourself into debt or going overboard on the presents that you may not be able to afford. We fully believe that when it comes to money people should only spend what they can afford and children should also learn to budget, spend and save.

Plan ahead — Now that you have your shopping list or wish list written and are ready to hit the shops, take time to think about where you may be able to get these gifts and find out what offers are available and how long they will last for. The goHenry Shop is one place that you can start if you are looking to buy something for you children.

Browse and shop online — The high street scramble is not for everyone, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get everything you need in plenty of time for Christmas. Shopping online can be a great way to get the gifts you want at an affordable price. Just remember to leave enough time for delivery.

We would love to hear your thoughts and top tips for making Christmas and the festive season both enjoyable and also affordable.

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