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How do you make extra money as a kid?

If your son or daughter is looking to get their hands on some extra money, we’ve found a few ingenious ways that kids are making money easily. Here are a few that we thought most kids could try:

Sell some of their unwanted belongings

Our children already know their way around the internet like they live there! Why not encourage them to put their knowledge to good use and get rid of some clothes/toys/books etc. that they don’t want anymore. It’s a great way for kids to earn some extra money fast and feel independent in doing so.

Get a part-time job

Aside from doing the odd job for friends and family, older children and teens might want to get a Saturday job to earn themselves a regular wage. This way, they can really start to see how responsible and satisfying it is to earn your own money and help build great skills for their future.

Teach neighbours to use their smartphone or computer

Many people that get a new phone, take longer than three minutes to learn how to use it. If your son or daughter only needs to glance at the latest tech to know their way around it, they could offer their services to neighbours and family in exchange for a little bit of money.

Making things to sell

If your child is quite handy or crafty, a great way for them to earn a little extra is to make something and sell to friends, family and neighbours. This will not only earn them some extra pounds, it’s also a great entrepreneurial challenge and can be very satisfying.

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