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How do I avoid present disappointment?

It would be almost impossible to find a parent who hasn’t experienced a disappointed child on Christmas day when they haven’t got the present that they had dreamed of.

While most adults deal with undesired Christmas presents with a feigned smile and polite thank you, most children haven’t quite mastered this graceful art. Although gaining this skill is part of growing up, parents usually want to spoil their children on this special day and give the gift their child had hoped for.

Parents will therefore be delighted to hear that as the countdown to Christmas has already begun, there are ways to avoid facing present disappointment from children.

Research by goHenry shows that children are not as sentimental as we think. Well over half (58.6%) of children aged between eight and 16 said they like to choose a present. While it seems like a nice idea to surprise children with a present (and risk facing disappointment if they don’t like it), this figure reveals that parents might be better off asking what their children would like for Christmas or at least for a few ideas.

Wish lists are also a brilliant way of ensuring you buy the right gift. This enables a child to identify what they really want and have a target to work towards. A wish list has the added benefit of helping to teach children that not everything can be bought instantly and the ethos of saving. A list can also provide parents with a convenient way of keeping track of the toys or clothes children desire, and allow them to choose one or two knowing their child will be over joyed when they tear open the wrapping.

If lists aren’t the way you want to go, surfing the web for example the goHenry Shop, can help to show adults exactly what is popular and current with children. However, if the choice is too much, remember that surprise is not as important as we might think.

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