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Useful tips for helping you and your children manage their money

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How can I get more from my family budget?

As a family, you can be so busy and swept up in various daily activities that it is very easy to lose track of your spending. With hungry mouths to feed and energetic children to entertain, it can be difficult to not break the bank and go beyond your budget.

The recommendations below will help you save money.

Firstly, shopping around for the best deals and prices really can pay off. For example, if you are lucky enough to have more than one supermarket close by, make sure to opt for the cheapest. We find mysupermarket.com provides a helpful comparison of supermarket prices across the UK. Alternatively, it is worth searching the shops for special offers and buying reduced items where possible. However, it is important to not over buy and only purchase what you know will be used. But remember, buying in bulk can be cheaper.

Don’t be afraid to use vouchers and deals, whether you are simply shopping or doing something more exciting like eating out. Vouchercloud is a fantastic website that points you in the direction of all the best deals available.

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