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Helping children understand the value of online spending

The way we use technology has transformed, with smart phones and iPads now a ubiquitous part of family life, essential for communication and entertainment.

The downside, which we’re hearing more and more about, is that our children often play freely on the games without realising that many come with built-in purchasing. Parents can face huge bills after their child clicks on paid-for features. Take most recently, where a £1,000 bill was run up by a seven year old boy purchasing donuts on a Simpsons iPad game and £1,700 spent by a five year old on Zombies vs Ninjas.

Parents need to help their children understand that just because there is no actual money in their hand, the money has come from somewhere. Nowadays, while also teaching our children how to go into a shop to pay for their sweets and get the correct change, we also need to teach them how to pay for things on-line  what happens when you confirm a purchase and where that money comes from.

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