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We really hope that you are all enjoying using the goHenry account, our aim at goHenry has always been to make the service fun, safe and without complication of any sort. However, we can see that there are some features that sometimes cause confusion and very occasionally embarrassment for our young customers; this is the very last thing we would want.

To help avoid these issues, we thought it might be a good moment to look at the three main areas of the goHenry account that are easy to forget, but vital to remember!

Firstly your child’s balance, when they look at their account they will see two balances at the top of their screen.  It is really important they understand the difference between the two, their 'current balance' (the total amount in their account) and the 'available balance' ( the amount they have available to spend once their daily and weekly spend limits have been taken in to account). We quite often see multiple attempts to make a purchase online when they have spent up to their limit, where there are insufficient funds, or indeed no funds at all! Well who of us have not tried that old trick at some point and hoped that the credit card company weren’t taking any notice! The goHenry cards are set up to ensure that the children cannot spend more money than they have available and so, to avoid potentially embarrassing situations in the shop, you may wish to encourage your children to get in to the habit of checking their balance regularly. It is a good practice to get in to as they get older.

The second area is the limits (how much they can spend on a daily or weekly basis) and the spending channels (where they can spend — High Street, online or withdrawals from a cash machine). This is admittedly where we in the goHenry office find we trip up the most too; life is busy and it is easy to forget limits that you may well have set up 6 months ago!. When we have the goHenry app available (coming very soon), parents will be able to instantly change limits and spending channels at the touch of a button, and children will know immediately why a payment may have declined. In the meantime it’s a great conversation… i.e. what they think you should allow them to spend, as opposed to what you are actually going to allow them to spend.

Please remember that if the card is not activated or the limits or channels have been left blank the card will decline for all transactions.

Last but not least,  as well as the parental controls put in place by you, the parents, the goHenry card chip is categorised as a 'teen' chip. This is controlled by the Visa Merchant Category system and is reliant on Visa and the merchants maintaining its use accurately. The chip is there to protect your child and prohibits the card from being used in the following places:

  • Pubs, bars, nightclubs and some restaurants
  • Wine and beer wholesalers
  • Cigar and tobacco shops
  • Escort services and massage parlours
  • Automated fuel dispensers
  • Race tracks
  • Adult entertainment venues, websites or TV channels

If you are lucky enough to have children who might plan to treat you in a licensed restaurant or a pub restaurant, it might be a good idea for them to withdraw some cash from their account via a cash machine to make the payment. Should they try to make payment to a merchant with a prohibited merchant category, using their goHenry card, the transaction will automatically decline regardless of funds.

So there they are, the features that make the goHenry card unique, are in place for all the right reasons, but that might mean that it takes just a little extra time when setting up the account to ensure your children are able to use the service with complete confidence.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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