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Gender Pay Gap Starts at Home as Boys Earn More for Household Chores



Gender Pay Gap Starts at Home as Boys Earn More for Household Chores

  • Survey of 8 — 18 year-olds reveals boys 15% better paid
  • Cooking most highly paid chore at £2.01
  • Music practice least well paid at just 74p
  • Payment for chores peaks at 16 with £4.13 per chore

Evidence that the gender pay gap could start from an early age came to light today with research findings revealing that boys are, on average, paid 15 per cent more for doing the same household chores and tasks as girls.

The results from goHenry, which makes pocket money easy for parents to manage and empowers children to learn about earning, saving and spending, analysed more than 3,800 household chores and tasks undertaken by boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18. It found that girls were paid on average £1.25 per chore, which included stacking the dishwasher, tending to pets and tidying their bedrooms.

In contrast, their male counterparts could expect to receive the significantly higher sum of £1.45 for the same chores, representing an increase of 15 per cent and evidence gender pay discrepancy could be enforced from a young age.

Findings also revealed the top ten most common chores set by parents for their children across the UK and what the average pay per chore or task was. Most highly paid was cooking, typically rewarded with more than £2, whereas children completing their music practice are given barely one third of that, just 74p.

Top Ten Most Common Chores/TasksPayment per choreTotal chores
1General tidying around the home£1.32939
2Good behaviour  £2.00525
3Tidy bedroom (including make bed)£1.21487
4Dishes (stack/unpack dishwasher, wash-up)£0.78421
6Tending to household pets£1.01216
9Music Practice£0.74153

goHenry analysed a sample of data taken from its system, which uniquely enables parents to set chores and tasks for their children, which carry a payment when completed by the child. Tasks set by more than 1,000 parents revealed that payment for household chores peaks at age 16, with £4.13 on average given per chore, contrasting with 87p given to nine-year-olds.

Louise Hill, COO of goHenry, said: 'The findings of our research into household chores reveal some significant divides based on gender, age and the nature of the task being undertaken by each child.

'Whilst it would be tempting to jump to conclusions about gender pay discrepancy starting at home, the most important thing is recognising the value that taking part in household chores and tasks can bring to both parent and child.

'goHenry is a unique solution that empowers children to learn how to earn, save and spend, under the watchful eye of their parents and fulfilling household chores and tasks in exchange for small payments is a great way for children to learn about the importance of earning money within the safety and security of the home environment.'

goHenry is a unique earning, saving and spending solution for parents with children 8 - 18. Start your free trial of goHenry today by clicking here.


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