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My kids have their GCSE results; what next?

So, it's that knuckle biting week of the year again for our children, as they nervously await their GCSE results. But what about parents? What can we be doing to be as supportive as possible, give the right advice and know what they need to see and hear from us right now?

Everyone who has experienced the stress of exams knows that feeling of pressure. The competition between friends and classmates especially, so it is important to make sure that our children feel that there is someone on their side, and that we are cheering them on - regardless of the outcome.

As parents, we all have an idea of what we expect our children to achieve, and what we would like them to achieve, however things don’t necessarily work out as we plan them to.
Although the schools will give children an idea of their potential ‘next step’ after their results, they may not be able to provide the best individual guidance to help your child figure out exactly what their next endeavour should be. This is why it is down to us as parents, the people who know and understand our children best, to guide and encourage them to do whatever they choose, and to make sure that they are fully aware of all of their options.

The best that our children can expect and deserve from us is to support their decisions, ensuring it is well thought out, and to not shoot down any ideas or paths that they choose to follow. We all understand or know of that fear of disappointing your parents, and that is not something that anyone should feel.

At goHenry, we see a lot of parents rewarding their children for exams using their goHenry account, whether it be for getting a specific grade, or just getting through them at all, this could perhaps be a good incentive to try their best. Plus, if they’ve got some reward money in their goHenry account, it might mean they buy their own books or supplies for their next year!

Here’s what our followers thought when we asked them whether they reward their kids for good grades:

A good way of encouraging or rewarding your child, or even just giving them a break from stressing about their results, is to give them something to look forward to on results day.
Whether it’s a day trip out (a perfect excuse to use their gohenry card!) or a celebration indoors with family, they deserve to have some fun.

From all of us here at goHenry, congratulations to everyone for getting through the exam period, and good luck for whatever comes next!

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