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Finance Friday - Financial Fairytales & Accounting Adventures

Every Friday we’ll be featuring our run-down of the latest financial education tools that have caught our eye, teaching you about money online and in other spaces. Because we know talking about finance with children is not always the easiest task, these quirky and fun options should assist in teaching your children about money but in a fun and informative way.

1) Bank on it- a play for putting finance on stage for kids

Yep, that’s right- ‘play teaching your kids’ about common questions in finance 101. Run by the innovative company Theatre Rites, the show is aimed to teach kids as young as five about the elementals of finance, including the process of opening a bank account, how an ATM machine works, basic economic terms, and more…through theatre.

‘Everyone’s doing work about economics for adults’, said the Theatre Rites artistic director Such Buckmaster. ‘Why can’t we do it for kids?’

Bank on it is playing at the Rose Lipman Building through 14 July. Bookings can be made via the Barbican at 020 7638 8891.


(2) Financial lessons through an online game- Rich Kid Smart Kid (RKSK)

Follow Toki as she teaches kids about the rich financial lessons she learned from her dad. The series includes four online games, teaching kids about making a profit, ways to avoid debt, and general wise spending habits. Kids can choose from different levels suitable to their age (good for ages 6-18). Available free online.


(3) The Financial Fairytales- worksheet

This downloadable worksheet from the Guardian Teacher Network is another simple way to 'trick' young ones into learning important financial lessons- through the narrative of fairytales. Teaching them how to live happily ever after- financially.


Photo: Tristram Kenton. Futures trading … a scene from Bank on It by Theatre-Rites.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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