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Finance Friday: Austen gets Airbrushed & Teens get Trading

In this week's edition of Finance Friday we're talking markets, make-overs and money mentoring.

Teens Launch Businesses Via Teenage Market

A new initiative called Teenage Market is helping young entrepreneurs show their creative skills and make money at the same time. It's a free initiative that started in Stockport and has now been given the go-ahead to roll out in cities nationwide after its two founders, Joe, 20, and Tom Barratt, 18, put their plans for expansion forward to UK town and city trading managers at a recent local markets conference.

The duo are already responsible for a vibrant market in their hometown, which provides a platform for young creatives including painters, fashion designers, jewellery makers, graffiti artists and photographers to sell or display their skills for free. Given the success of the first initiative, Leeds, Stoke, Marlborough, Wolverhampton and London now want to replicate the programme - so stay tuned and watch out for a Teenage Market near you soon.

APPG reports on Financial Education for vulnerable young people

Thursday saw the publication of a new report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Financial Education for Young People, following its 10-month inquiry into provision for vulnerable young people across the UK.  The inquiry took evidence from charities, education groups and other organisations working with vulnerable young people, as well as a group of young people themselves.  Its final report calls on central government, local authorities, financial institutions and other organisations working in this area to do more to support the financial education of vulnerable under-25s.  The APPG also made a list of recommendations, which you can read more about here.

Jane gets a make-over

A biographer of Jane Austen has accused the Bank of England of making the author look "dim-witted" in its choice of portrait for the new £10 note. "Jane Austen is the funniest writer to walk this planet, and she's been made to look dim-witted," said Paula Byrne author of The Real Jane Austen. "I can't believe they have gone for such a saccharine picture. Jane Austen was a supreme social satirist, and some of her writing was quite dark, but they've chosen a picture that makes her look a really cosy, middle-class writer."


Image - 14 year old Matt Tiplady runs a business called Crazy Face Urban Streetwear [source]

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