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Finance Friday: 10 classic tips for saving and spending

Looking ahead to February and the things we’d like to buy in the months ahead, we're thinking about whether we achieved those new years’ resolutions – did we save up, did we spend too much? Here with another Finance Friday, we’d like to share ten classic tips for stretching your money as far as it will go.

This advice comes from readers of Parentdish, the online blog for parents, and here’s what 10 mums in the know have to say: http://www.parentdish.co.uk/mum/feeling-the-squeeze-10-money-stretching-tips-by-mums-for-mums/
1. Plan your meals a week ahead and buy what you need to help you stay on a budget, plus the usual extras. It’ll help you spend less on shopping and mean you throw less away.

2. Swap items you no longer need or want – you could even organise a swapping party between you and your friends.

3. Join clubs at stores such as Boots and Tesco which will offer you vouchers for what you spend and help you save on your monthly expenses.

4.  You can also join voucher schemes online, such as Groupon, to save extra cash. You may receive a lot of emails but they will offer you a variety of discounts.

5. Look for own-branded and value products in stores, or think buying in bulk with 2-for-1 options.

6. Make a price comparison for your credit cards and energy tariffs  - you may be able to find a good deal out there.

7. Think about giving your children a small amount of pocket money each week to help them learn to spend sensibly.

8. Consider borrowing things you need instead of buying them –join a local library or a toy lending scheme instead of buying more.

9. Take a packed lunch – life’s a picnic when you have your own food on hand!

10. Have a look in a pound shop. For smaller items like baby shampoo and cleaning products you might be able to pick up a bargain.

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