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Eight tips for saving money on back-to-school supplies this year

We’ve been writing a lot about back-to-school lately…as if your children didn’t need a further warning about what’s to come in just a few weeks time. So while they’re enjoying their last few days in the sunshine, you’ve already begun scavenging the house for spare pens and pencils. To help out with the annual back-to-school shop, we’ve put together the following eight tips to help you save this year.

1. Stick to the list

One of the most important things you can do when preparing for back-to-school season is to stay organised. A large part of this means creating a list of everything you need prior to hitting the stores and sticking to it. Don’t let the baskets of ‘extras’ placed at the front of the store fool you- you’re there to get what you need, no distractions. Follow this basic back-to-school supply list if your school hasn’t provided you with one.

2. Shop late

Retailers drastically reduce a number of school supplies within a week after school begins. If possible, try and buy only the absolute essentials in the run up to the first week of classes, and buy the rest later to get the best deals.

3. Buy online and in bulk

For most items, it’s almost always cheaper to buy large quantities online and have them shipped to you. Items like pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders always require a large supply, and will be needed for years to come. Buy large quantities now so you can save for next year as well. Check out sites like Amazon, Office Hero, Tesco, and Staples for good deals on bulk items.

4. Shop around the house

This is a perfect opportunity to clear clutter and save. Have your children go through the home office to explore for items on their list, from pens to rulers, glue sticks, notepad paper and more.

5. Arrange a back to school swap with friends

Organise a meet up with fellow parents to organise a ‘school supplies swap.’ Have everyone bring four or five slightly used items, from clothes to folders, calculators, and more. Whatever isn’t picked up can be donated to charity at the end of the swap.

6. Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook deals

Often companies offer exclusive coupon codes and deals via their social media channels. Be sure to ‘like’ and follow top back to school brands. Some popular examples include:







Another option is to just do a general twitter search for ‘back to school deals’ and find offers from there. Also set e-mail alerts for top back-to-school supply stores for the latest deals.

7. Don’t give too much into trends

Your child is almost inevitably going to be asking you for the latest One Direction backpack or £30 trendy lunch box. Make a compromise with them, by allowing them to pay the difference between the more ‘hip’ items and the basics.

8. Let the Pound store be your friend

The Pound store always is here to help you- especially when it comes to back to school deals. Poundland is currently offering 3 items for £1 deals on selected school supplies, and Poundworld has its own back to school offers too. Let that Pound stretch all the way.

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