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'Dragons, apps and a Zumbathon' - Students of Becky High report on their goHenry sponsored FUNdraising day

On the 16th July, the goHenry team spent the day at Beaconsfield High School supporting the school with their FUNdraising day, which included a ‘Dragons’ Den’ competition involving Peter Jones.

We believe fundraising is a great way to get children and teenagers thinking about managing and earning money. The event, which raised money for an outdoor eating area at the school, encouraged the students to think objectively about money and be Entrepreneurial in their approach to the task. goHenry will continue to support the students in fundraising for the school.

Here's what the student of Beaconsfield High School made of the event:

Selin Whittick, year 8 student

“Along the way, while we were getting ready for our fundraising event, we had to do a lot of brainstorming as a team to come up with activities to raise money. Once we decided, we worked together to make the idea a success. We structured it and then presented it to the judges, which was great fun.

On the day, the atmosphere was very lively; in every corner there was a fun activity or stall. Everything was very colourful, with everyone wearing casual dress and the different pitches. Other exciting events included ‘Strictly Come Zumba’, where 700 students took part (including me!). The hall was packed with everyone dancing, and having fun. I thought that our class stall Hook-A-Duck, was great, raising £50.”


Issy Avery, year 10 student

“Peter Jones from 'Dragons’ Den' came into school to host a Becky High Dragons’ Den!  We had five dragons, who were judging the short-listed forms’ pitches and Peter Jones introduced them and each form’s pitch. The judges included our own Miss Eades and two parents, Mike Mason and Andy Bowen, who have a lot of experience in business and industry. Most of the forms presented a pitch that related to their stall for fundraising day. Five of us from my form, 10 NXB, including myself, Gee Duckett, Caitlin O ’Hagan, Claudia Ghandi and Georgia Stevens made a pitch about an aspiring iPhone and Android app called ‘Knock ‘em Down’.

Our app was designed to be ad-supported, which means that it can be downloaded free of charge. Customers can purchase “extras” in order to attain higher levels of score. The judges were quite rigorous generally, but asked very few questions to our team, which we thought was a good sign. The judges seemed to like the fact that our app targeted a range of ages. Our app was based on our stall where customers were invited to knock down a set of cans using a Nerf gun.

“Knock ‘Em Down”, along with a concept promoted by a team from 10AMB, won the overall pitches to the Dragons and secured for all the pupils of both of our forms free tickets to Thorpe Park..."


Izzy Gatehouse, year 10 student

“As a current year 10 student at Beaconsfield High school, I have experienced many days and events at this school which provide enrichment to my education and promote further development of students here. Fundraising day on Wednesday the 16th of July was an example of one of these days, and was an incredible opportunity to emphasize our fantastic school spirit and raise as many funds as we could to improve our school, all of which would be matched pound for pound by a children's finance company, goHenry, who aim to set children up for life in the world of money.

On the day, the motivation shown by all the girls in the school is a perfect example of all students seizing the opportunity to make a change in their school lives, and the determination for success in each individual's fundraising efforts was exceptional. The immense support shown amongst students on the day was undeniably what lead to us raising such a large amount of money to benefit our school, which GoHenry kindly matched."

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