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Don’t cramp their style; top four tips on giving your children freedom over the summer holidays

With six, long weeks off school, keeping your children entertained during the summer holidays can be tough. Teenagers want to make the most of their freedom from the classroom and you may not be able to spend all day every day with them, but letting them off into the big, wide world can be a little daunting for parents. Following on from our post top ten tips to keep your children productive over the summer holidays, here are some ways to give your children freedom without cramping their style and help them to learn about money in the process.

1. Keep a holiday planner — Creating a holiday planner is a great way to keep track of where and what your older children are doing in the summer holidays. Working together to create a fun and interactive planner will involve and engage your kids in the process, whilst giving you a way to keep tabs on where and what they are doing. A planner should be displayed somewhere prominent in the house, like on the fridge or in the entrance hall and updated together as plans evolve and change.

2. Work together to come up with ideas —Using the internet is a great way to find fun, safe and affordable summer holiday activity ideas. Check out blogs, online news articles and forums on sites such as mumsnet and Money Saving Expert for inspiration. The key to coming up with a list that satisfies both your own and your child’s criteria for fun is to work together. Involving kids in the decision making process gives them a sense of maturity and freedom.

3. Create a wish list — Creating a wish list or saving goal is a great way to give your kids the freedom to embark upon more expensive activities, such as visiting theme parks, without handing it to them on a plate AND teaching them about money at the same time. Encourage your kids to decide on their activity whilst making your holiday planner. You can also help them stick to their saving goals by setting wish lists and using goHenry’s saving features to set a saving goal. Rewarding kids for helping with extra chores is a good way to help them reach their goal and it’s also a great way to lighten your holiday housework load!

4. Use goHenry’s Pre-paid Visa Card — Making use of our unique card is a great way to oversee what your children spend during the summer holidays, without being intrusive or cramping their style. By setting simple limits on how much and where they can spend their money, the card can give children independence to spend their money without itchy trigger fingers running up big bills or making costly mistakes.

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