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Crowdfunding update: goHenry breaks a world record by raising the most equity ever from the crowd

It's safe to say, our crowdfunding campaign has been a huge success. The round, which closed last week, finally hit just over £3.99m, making it the largest equity crowdfunding raise in the world. That's right, we've set a new world record!

We're overwhelmed by the support that we've had during this campaign. It's great to see that 2,372 people believe in the idea enough to invest a record breaking amount of money into it. Over 1,200 of which are our own members.

After extending the round by 15 days due to its ongoing success, we reached the maximum amount we were able to raise and the round closed early. This has caused a bit of a stir and Crowdcube are now calling for a raise to limits set on Crowdfunding campaigns. Read more about this in yesterday's coverage from City A.M.

Here at goHenry, we're now looking to the future. We're planning to use the money we've raised so that we can bring goHenry to more children in the UK and across Europe. We've identified 25 million children in Europe that receive pocket money and face a digital and cashless future.

We've got some great ideas from our members on how we can develop goHenry, some of which are already being tested by goHenry families and many more are in the pipeline.

So to those of you reading this who are our members, thank you so much for supporting us so far and we welcome you to involve yourself as much as you like in the goHenry journey. Together we can make the next generation better at managing their money than the last.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

I’m the Community Manager at goHenry, a unique solution that makes managing pocket money really easy for parents whilst empowering young people to earn, save and spend responsibly. My colleagues and I are passionate about giving families the tools they need to have positive conversations with their children about money and how technology can become a part of that. I love talking to parents about their family’s experiences as well as researching and writing about stuff that can help children achieve great things as they grow up!

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