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The goHenry Team were lucky enough to take part in the Mum’s Show Live event at Alexandra Palace in London this past weekend. It provided us with a fantastic opportunity to speak to some of our lovely customers face to face, hear about all the things they enjoy about our service and ask if there are any new features they might like to see added to the goHenry account. As always, the feedback has started us thinking, so watch this space! We also had the chance to chat to lots of prospective customers and ask them their views on pocket money, should it be given or earned? Tasks, paid or unpaid? Did they have a solution to their children making purchases online? Hopefully having now heard all about goHenry they will be signing up soon!

From a personal perspective, what struck me above all else when looking around the exhibition hall, was the sheer number of choices out there for parents today, colourful, ingenious inventions and exciting products, all making life easier for families. I’m definitely envious, when my first child was born and we were shopping for a pram; there was a choice of precisely two colours grey (with a peach and pale green stripe) or plain old navy blue! (what can I say, it was 1989!!). The concept of a coffee shop on every street corner had definitely not been invented.

What do you think goHenry people? Do all these ideas, choices and services make life easier? There were certainly more than a few which I would have loved to have been able to use for my family when my children were younger.

So, of all these choices, did we pick a favourite? Well it was certainly great to see several other exhibitors at the Mum’s Show event with an ethos reflecting that of goHenry, of keeping a safe, secure family network in an increasingly insecure world. One of the ideas that we loved the most comes from 23snaps (www.23snaps.com), they offer a totally secure and personal way to collect, cherish and share your family snaps online. You may be asking, why the need? This article caught our eye in the goHenry offices the other day, (http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/may/18/pros-cons-of-sharenting). In it the author discusses the pitfalls of sharing personal images on social networking sites. We think that 23snaps and their brilliantly simple idea, appear to provide the perfect solution. If you have the opportunity, take a look!

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