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Useful tips for helping you and your children manage their money

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It’s something that affects us as adults all the time, we’re flicking through our bank statements on our apps trying to figure out where it’s all gone, and we come across a random £1.58, or …
Lessons in giving
Common questions

How do you teach your child to ‘give’?

Giving is one of the core aspects of understanding the value of money – but it often gets overlooked. At this time of year - when we’re focused on what we want for Christmas and spending lots o…
Saving pocket money
Common questions

Tips to help children to save

We often get asked by parents, ‘what’s the best way to get children to save’? Of course, there are many different ways of helping kids understand saving, but these are the ones we’ve found …
Back to school pocket money
Financial education

Financial Education teaching resources

Personal Financial Education is now recognised as an important part of the curriculum. Surveys of young people have found that the basic understanding of personal finance at this level isn't great …
Financial education

Who's to pay for going back to school?

Got an endless list of clothing, stationery and equipment your children and teens simply must have for the new school year? Over the summer a study by YouGov plc found that the average parent expec…
Financial education

What summer can teach kids about money

It is more than likely your summer months are set to be full of activity. Suddenly finding yourself with a child (if not more) to keep entertained is a full-time task. With the summer holidays in f…