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Do you remember when...

Did anyone else see the video of children being shown old Nokia’s, Sony Ericsson's etc and them having absolutely no idea what they were? Most of us felt a little nostalgic, remembering the only …

An interview with author Annie Chisambo

Annie Chisambo has written a collection of books aimed at children to help them learn to manage their pocket money and build money management skills for the future. Good work Annie! We asked her a …
christmas dinner
Creative ideas

Keeping Christmas exciting on a budget

As it’s getting colder outside, we’re all wrapping up warm, scraping the ice off of our cars, lighting the fire.. There’s no doubt about it. Christmas is coming. In fact there’s only about …
Halloween Bats
Creative ideas

Terrifying tasks for a goHenry Halloween

It’s getting to the dark cold end of the year. Which as we all know, means it’s almost Christmas. BUT, first - Halloween! The scariest time of year, when we see our children's’ creepy creati…
girl studying

Motivating kids to revise - to pay or not to pay?

Exam time can prove stressful for the whole household, especially if your son or daughter is less than willing to put the time and effort into revising. It can be tempting to consider paying for yo…
Two Children Having Easter Egg Hunt In Garden

Inexpensive activities to do with the kids this Easter

The Easter holidays are almost here – a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and do something fun as a family.  If you’re stuck for ideas for things to do, we’ve put t…

What did the kids get Mum for Mother's Day?

It was recently Mother’s Day, and at goHenry we hope that all of the lovely Mums out there were treated to something special by their little ones. However, it may surprise you to learn that 1 in …
Valentine's Day spending

Valentine's Day - What are our kids buying?

Is your son or daughter getting to the age where they’re buying their friends, girlfriends, boyfriends – or even lucky you – something special for Valentine’s Day? Well, with the special da…