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The benefits and costs of learning an instrument, and how goHenry can help.

Any parent who has a child that plays a musical instrument, or plays an instrument themselves, will tell you that supporting a musical hobby or lifestyle is expensive.
Paying for instruments or lessons can easily add up, but this is a worthwhile cause. It’s immensely satisfying to see your child growing into themselves as a person, and gaining confidence. Whether they are into composing their own pieces of music, or performing live as part of a band (or perhaps both), there has been research conducted by neuroscientists and psychologists into how learning in instrument can promote positive structural changes in the brain, and have long term effects such as increased spatial reasoning and literacy skills.

You can read more about that here in articles posted by The Guardian and Time.

Another way that learning an instrument can help personal growth in children is teaching them the valuable art of saving! As someone who has just spent nearly £1,000 on a new guitar, it has become increasingly clear how playing an instrument can hit the bank. Picking up a new instrument can come with various price tags, from the tuition fees to the bits of kit that are required to get this new passion up and running.

It’s important that your son and daughter appreciates that their newfound musical prowess hasn’t suddenly been funded out of thin air, and goHenry is here to help on that front. Savings goals are something that will always be cropping up in life, so why not get your child to contribute towards that next guitar, flute, saxophone, bassoon, contrabassoon or whatever instrument has taken their fancy by setting up a savings goal. Or if, being their biggest fan, you notice that your child is finding the hard graft towards musical excellence a bit of a drag, you could set up a task to reward them with a little extra money for putting that extra bit of effort in, or for a good performance.

Learning an instrument is a fun and fulfilling prospect, and if your child is that way inclined, it is a handy way to introduce them to saving. Not only that, but teaches them that that next lot of guitar strings can be earnt, rather than that they just appear courtesy of mum and dad, when they next need them.

The world needs more musicians, but the costs of starting an instrument can be a daunting prospect; or at least it used to be. Now, with the little ones (or the not so little!) helping out, anything is possible. So next time the conversation of “I want to be like Ed Sheeran!” comes up, maybe getting that first acoustic guitar isn’t such a bad idea.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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