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11 Activities to Battle The ‘Back to School Blues’

So at the moment, our children (and us) are in the midst of excitement, nerves, and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the back to school madness.
Whether they’re going up a year, or starting at the renownedly scary ‘big school’, it is taking up every last little bit of our brain space. And our Facebooks.

But what about in a week or two, when the panic dies down and we get back into the school/work routine?

So what can we do to skip the miserable inbetweeny bit altogether this year? We’ve gone exploring and found a few fun weekend ideas. Also, if they bring their goHenry card then maybe they can treat you to a day out with their hard earned pocket money!

  • Baking - We know, the thought of kids, mixing bowls and icing terrifies us as well, but it is an absolute guarantee of at least 2 hours of messy fun. And providing you’re not going to get food poisoning from something that wasn’t meant to end up in that cupcake, then you get to enjoy the results!
  • Bowling - This is a classic friendly competition bringing out the best (and sometimes worst) in the whole family. Not to mention that bowling alleys have the best hotdogs.
  • Aquarium - Whether it’s the sharks, stingrays or just the strangest looking creatures that capture your eye, the aquarium is always without fail a successful outing. And who knows, if you look carefully you may even find that famous fish everyone seems to have lost….
  • Warner Brothers Studio Tour - So there’s this small book about a boy and some wizards you may or may not have heard about. It’s a little pricey BUT if you’re sharing a home with someone waiting for their own Hogwarts letter it’s a fantastic day out.
  • Movie night - Create your own cinema; pizza, homemade popcorn (or store bought if you don’t want to completely ruin your microwave), close all the curtains, turn off the lights and let the films commence!
  • Thorpe park - if you’re brave enough of course. Plus it doesn’t matter if it’s raining as you’re likely to get drenched on Tidal Wave anyway.
  • Theatre - Going to theatre is always a brilliant day or night out, especially for a birthday or celebration. We recommend the Lion King, it’s something you won’t forget easily!
  • Museum - Not only is it a brilliant opportunity to trick the kids into accidentally learning something, but they all tend to be huge, so it will probably be a whole day’s adventure.
  • Zoo - this one we would advise you avoid when raining, otherwise instead of gawking at giraffes or messing around with monkies, you might end up in a real life Noah’s Arc situation..
  • The Seaside - If the cold weather doesn’t make you want to hibernate, then going somewhere like Brighton or Blackpool can be great. There’s arcades, tonnes of places to eat, and brilliant attractions to explore while you’re there.
  • Games Day - It doesn’t matter how many ipads, iphones, X-box or playstations you have, nothing beats Monopoly. It’s a great way to teach a bit about money, and it’s perfect for some healthy competition. And that bit at the end when someone finally cracks and throws the board everywhere because they got ‘go to jail’ AGAIN, that’s just an added bonus.

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