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Autism and financial independence: Hear from goHenry mum Pamela

Some children have different requirements to most when it comes to learning to be independent with money. Anna Kennedy OBE, who set up her autism awareness charity 'Anna Kennedy Online’ is a fan of how goHenry can work for lots of children on the autism spectrum. We talk to one goHenry mum Pamela that has found goHenry works really well for her and her son Owain.

1. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced when teaching Owain about managing money?

It took a long time for Owain to grasp the concept of money. Before we had goHenry it took Owain a while to understand we’d have to get the change from a till. He just didn’t really grasp the value of money.

2. What particular aspects of goHenry have you found most useful?

Using goHenry, Owain can handle his card and finance by himself and feels grown up and like his friends. He doesn't have to handle money which he could lose, he knows his PIN number and loves to look on the website at his spending. Keeping track of how much he has to save to get a special things is easy using goHenry as it is displayed visually.

3. How do you think goHenry has helped improve Owain’s understanding of money?

Owain has become more careful about saving and can see his money going up every time he saves - also he likes to look and see where he has spent his money - it's also made him feel grown up as he was able to chat to friends about his card in school so has built on his social skills as the other boys saw him as one of them (not a child with a disability!)

4. What’s the one thing that you say to friends and other parents when you tell them about goHenry?

goHenry gives your child financial independence within your control! Which I love.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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