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How to keep your goHenry login details secure

It’s sad but true news, that there was a lot of hacking that was reported on in 2016. Yahoo being one of the main targets, more of which you can read a bit more about here. That’s why we’re o…
Keep goHenry secure
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Get prepped for Christmas - Paying into gohenry

It’s that time of year again – yep, the banks are on holiday! Make sure you’re prepared and make any bank transfers to your goHenry account in plenty of time before Christmas (ideally by the …

An interview with author Annie Chisambo

Annie Chisambo has written a collection of books aimed at children to help them learn to manage their pocket money and build money management skills for the future. Good work Annie! We asked her a …
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Raising money and what it teaches our children

One great thing to do when you’re teaching children about money is to get them involved in some kind of fund raising. Whether this is for a charitable cause, or something they want to achieve the…