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What is the cost of Sport for parents?

If you’re a parent and your son or daughter is fanatic about sport, you may be having a few weeks off from the hectic sports calendar. Standing on the edge of a muddy pitch, shouting words of enc…
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Staying Safe at a Cash Machine

To keep goHenry a fun and exciting experience, we want to make sure that all parents and children are aware of how to keep your card and card details safe at a cash machine. It’s sad but true tha…
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Making your child’s money last over the summer holidays

With the summer holidays starting for some children in the UK, we’re looking at the really important topic of making your children’s money last for the duration. Some children will continue to …
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Internet VS DAD (when it comes to advice)

Is it really June already? That means that of course Father’s Day is just around the corner. So why not think about one of the things dads are great at… giving advice of course! A study from Th…