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5 Spider-Man Money Facts

The long awaited Spider-Man Homecoming film is finally out. This has inspired us to do some digging and find some money facts about the films, both the new, and the old.

  • The 2002 Spiderman film with Toby Maguire starring cost $100 million to produce. Seems like a lot of money, right? It is. However the latest installment, Spider-Man: Homecoming, cost over $175 Million to produce, and has so far grossed a worldwide total of $283.8 million.
  • Toby Maguire made $15,000,000 for 2007 Spider-Man 3, whereas Tom Holland’s total networth is reported to be under $3,000,000.
  • Tom Holland recently revealed his favourite prop from Spider-Man Homecoming cost £500, what was it? The LEGO Death Star!
  • Spiderman Homecoming has earned £12,068,323 so far in the United Kingdom alone.
  • Kirsten Dunst earned $8,000,000 for Spider-Man 3, she’s also publically shamed the newest Spider-Man films saying that they are simply “milking the cow for money”.

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