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3 things that witches can teach you about money

Witches. Not famous for their money management skills, but none the less, these creepy ladies have some natural qualities that would make them a great candidate for a position as ‘Financial Adviser’. Here are a few things we can all learn from them in order to improve our money management skills.

Predicting the future

That moment when a witch grabs your hand, stares into your face and says “A storm is coming…” or something equally as frightening. Well, being able to forecast and plan ahead for the rest of the month, is equally as important when it comes to money. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball for this. But working out how much money you need for travel, food, cinema trips etc. does the job just as well.
If you want to be extra convincingly witchy, putting a few pounds aside a week in case the unexpected happens, is even better. Witches don’t get caught by surprise, so neither should you.

Inherited powers from the ancestors…

Well in this case parents. While witches usually learn all they know from their mother and her from her mother and so on, we too learn much of what we know about money from our parents.
A study by the University of Cambridge on behalf of The Money Advice Service, has found that we form our attitudes to money as young as seven. That’s why it’s just as important for parents to talk to children about money as it is about spells and potions.


They might not be that pretty, but you can’t argue that witches are not wise. Ever seen a witch buying a pink broom because it’s just so pretty and she has to have it now? Didn’t think so. Witches spend time analysing things before making decisions, even consulting Mother Nature herself if they’re unsure.
Before spending, it is a good idea to do the same. No, Mother Nature probably isn’t the best person to ask (she doesn’t know much about money) but considering if what you want to buy is a good long term investment, and if you can really afford it, is definitely the wise approach.
By introducing these witchy traits to your relationship with money this Halloween, not only will you be able to convince your friends you are in fact a witch, you will also have improved your money management skills a fair bit. Nice work.

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