About gohenry

About gohenry

gohenry is a new way for young people to develop great money habits; we're not a bank, and we don't think like a bank. We think that experience in a safe environment is the best way to learn, and that learning about money early should be fun and should set children up for life.

Where the idea came from

It came from us - a small group of friends and parents who just wanted to help our children and teenagers understand how money works in the modern world.

And to be honest, we struggled. Our children borrowed our cards to spend online, pocket money using cash was often a source of family debate - who'd had what, for what, and when.

When we realised we didn't have the tools to help we made the tools ourselves - we made gohenry.

  • A safe environment where our own children and teenagers can learn about earning, saving and spending by doing it for real themselves, but with our oversight and guidance
  • In a way they understand and enjoy - and that meant creating great web and mobile apps (though it works very well without the app too)
  • Something that makes our lives easier!

Why are we called gohenry?

It's a call to action, to encourage children and teenagers, supported by their parents, to go and learn about the world and specifically the part that good money habits have to play.

What we believe in

At gohenry we believe that our children can be better placed to manage money than we were. We believe in the traditional money values of earning, saving and spending responsibly. We don't believe in debt, especially not for children and teenagers.

We believe in empowering our children to learn by doing. We believe in progress and in embracing modern technology and shaping the direction in which it is taking us. We believe we can make a difference by helping to address the issues and challenges the changing world brings.

We believe that we have devised a great money solution for parents and young people but we are always trying to improve it. We would greatly appreciate your ideas and feedback, good or bad.

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How secure and robust is gohenry?

We have designed and developed the fun bit: the functionality, the web and mobile apps. The other bits: our operations, processing, payments and security are handled by our partners, some of the largest and most trusted companies in the financial payments industry.

Our partners

Working with us

We're always on the look out for talented individuals to join the gohenry team in either our south coast or London office.

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As part of bringing you the best possible service, we're partnered with some of the most experienced companies in the world.

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We are sometimes asked about what we do. Contact us if you’d like to speak to us about our aim of helping young people learn about money.

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